Calcifir F is a complete continuous monitoring system based on image processing and infrared thermography. This solution is a cutting-edge technology for HSE (Health, Safety & Environment). It automatically detects, locates and visualizes a fire point, activating the security protocols.

This system is ultra sensitive, capable of providing 99% fire detection @ 3×3 pixels.

It combines the latest technology in non-refrigerated infrared detectors with SENSIA detection algorithms.

Calcifir RXF technology is based on an infrared camera prepared to accurately measure temperatures through flames.

In situations of intense fire, when nothing beyond the flames can be seen, Calcifir RXF is able to ignore the spectral range of the flame, passing through and providing an accurate temperature measurement.

Calcifir RXF’s assembly consists on a housing prepared to withstand high temperatures using compressed air. This solution is leading edge on thermography technology. No need of any external equipment such as thermocouples.

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