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Caroline X

Caroline X

OGI for SMART LDAR surveys


Caroline X is SENSIA’s latest model of Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) for the detection of fugitive emissions of SF6, Refrigerant gases, Methanol, Ammonia and others gases leaks. It integrates a spectrally optimized high-resolution uncooled detector that detects the 90% of diffused gas emissions caused by leaks.

Featuring an integrated touch screen display, Caroline cameras run the software application RedLook Handheld increasing the functionality and simplicity of the device.

Caroline X Specifications2021-06-23T14:15:10+00:00
Base Specifications
FPA Uncooled 640 x 480 px
Pixel Pitch 17 μm
NETD <22mK @ +30ºC
Lenses 20 mm | 35 mm
Lens Field of View 31ºx23º | 18ºx13º
Display TFT LCD panel 5″ HD
Accuracy ± 1ºC (from -10ºC to 60ºC )
Memory Storage SD card up to 256 GB
Autonomy 3 x 4 hr
Weight 2.1 kg
Max. Dimensions 187 x 165 x 68 mm
Operating Temp. Range -10ºC to +50ºC
Storage -40ºC to +71ºC
Certifications EMC (EN 61326:2013)
IP 65 (EN 60529:2018)
ATEX Zone II (EN 60079:2013)
II 3G Ex nR IIC T6
Features Under Demand
Gases detected by Caroline X and FX2021-05-25T12:04:35+00:00
SF6 Sulphur Hexafluoride
CH3OH Methanol
NH3 Ammonia
R134a Haloalkane Refrigerant
FbRs Freon based refrigerants
MDLR (Minimum Detectable Leak Rate)2020-07-20T10:02:40+00:00

The following chart shows and compares the MDLR (Minimum Detectable Leak Rate) value of different hydrocarbons for each SENSIA OGI technology.

MDLR (g/h) Mileva 33 Caroline
Benzene 2.1 6.3
Butane 0.15 0.6
Ethane 0.34 1.02
Ethanol 0.5 1.5
Ethylbenzene 0.9 2.7
Ethylene 3.4 1.02
Heptane 1.2 4.8
Hexane 1 3
Isoprene 6.4 19.2
MEK 2.5 7.5
Methane 0.35 1.4
Methanol 2.1 6.3
MIBK 1.4 5.6
Octane 0.8 3.2
Pentane 2 8
1-Pentene 4.3 12.9
Propane 0.15 1.43
Propylene 2.1 8.4
Toluene 3 9
Xylene 0.8 2.4

Considerations related to the MDLR determination for the SENSIA OGI’s

  • Leak observation is done at distance short enough to ensure the leak resolvancy with various pixels
  • Characterization test conditions:

o    Background temperature controlled

o    Outlet Orifice Diameter= ¼’’

o    CH4 diluted with N2 (25% methane)

  • Gas Detection condition using High Sensitivity Mode

Innovative capabilities assembled under a single control software

Innovative capabilities assembled under a single control software

Enhanced Mode

Redlook is capable of automatically coloring the gas to facilitate the identification. With SENSIA OGI cameras, you can scan broad sections of equipment rapidly and survey areas where traditional contact measurement tools cannot access.

Quantitative OGI

Placing the OGI on a tripod activates automatic quantification of gas leaks: fast, accurately and safely.

Download the Caroline X Brochure


Leak Detection and Repair

SENSIA Handheld cameras are compatible with SENSIA Gas Sniffer 4.0, which allows the user to obtain quantitative measurements of the gas on screen fulfilling the Smart LDAR and Method 21 protocols simultaneously.

Metadata linked to the survey for easy leaks tracking.

Caroline X for LDAR Campaigns

Caroline X has a new design, a 5-inch touch screen and runs under RedLook, the most powerful and intuitive software for gas visualization. This control and analysis software unfold the full potential of Caroline X Optical Gas Imaging.

Caroline X has the main international certifications in temperature, humidity, vibration, dust and water intrusion and hazardous environments.

Download the Caroline X Brochure
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